Driven by Desire

Ashley Gage sells out her half of G & J’s Renovations business to her partner, Rex Johnson, and leaves town after an ugly breakup with her husband of six years, who cheated on her.

She settles in the town of Nashua, New Hampshire and purchases an old Victorian house that needs lots of elbow grease, tender loving care, and talent to bring it back to the splendor of its past. She’s driven to succeed in everything she does, and she knows what this house needs and can do it herself. Just before she signs the deed on the bottom line, the realtor says, “I am legally obligated to tell you that someone died in the house.”
Ashley laughs and signs for the dream house she’s always wanted. Will it become her nightmare or her wish come true?


Q&A with author Rita Delude

In your own words, how would you describe your book?

My book for the Possessed by Passion collection is called Driven by Desire. It’s a paranormal, dark romance about a heart and a house under reconstruction. It’s a contemporary story about Ashley Gage, who is a custom home reconstruction specialist who most often restores Victorian homes to their original luster. But through a ghost, Perry Lucier, she is haunted by in a home she purchases, the reader also steps back into 1920’s when some dreadful things happened in that home she loves.

What are some hashtags you’d use to draw readers in?

#PNR #paranormalromance #darkromance #ghosts #haunting #lovestory #mystery #murder #Victorian #history

What surprised you most when writing this book?

The amount of research I needed to do for the book surprised me. I know a lot about home construction because I’ve done plenty of that, so it wasn’t so much of that I needed to research, but I researched the 1920’s, ghosts, and the city of Nashua, New Hampshire, where the haunted house is located.

It was also surprising how much I truly enjoyed this story because of the various twists and turns it took me on. Never an outliner, I have a general story idea before I begin, but go with the natural progression of the story as it moves along during its creation. This one surprised me many times in delightful ways.

Can you tease us with the first few lines of your book?

“Ashley had put in sixteen hours on the job site working with her partner Rex Johnson and a crew of seven others because Dr. and Mrs. David Waller were due back from their honeymoon to Spain in two weeks. They wanted the renovations completed, the decorator to have finalized his work, and all the furnishings moved in and properly styled before they returned. Zachary Falcon couldn’t start bringing all the items he’d purchased and had warehoused for them until final polishing was complete. That day, Ashley and Rex and the crew of G & J’s Renovations had put the finishing touches on their makeover of the 1876 Victorian on Belmont Street, one of the most coveted old homes in Brattleboro, Vermont.

She loved her work. The satisfaction of bringing the fine all-wood carvings of the Victorian Era back to their original glory and of reviving tired, dry wood until it shined with a pop of energy that only the veins of real wood could reveal delighted her time after time. It never got old for Ashley Gage, who knew as a child that she wasn’t meant to be sitting behind a desk. She’d rather be moving all day long with a different challenge each day. Old home renovations offered her dream occupation, and she and Rex, a friend since high school, shared that love.

But the love waiting at home for her was Brody.”

What inspired this story?

When I was invited to join this limited-time collection and was told the stories could be paranormal or dark romance, I knew immediately I wanted a protagonist in love with a ghost, but my books always have twists. Since the set also allows for dark romance, I knew I wanted there to be a dark side to Ashley’s love interest. That’s as much as I needed for the creativity sparks to fly in my rather warped mind, I guess.

Can you tell us what your favorite part of the book is?

Ashley meets someone totally by chance. He’s a big, black man, who I modeled after Tyrus, a former WWE wrestler. Scenes with him are touching and fun. I always try to include humor in my stories.

And last but not least, what are some of your favorite movies dealing with hauntings?

I only have one, no other can touch it—Ghost with Patrick Swayze.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak with your readers. I hope they all pick up a copy of Possessed by Passion. How can they lose with twenty-one novels and novellas by USA Today and International Bestselling Authors for just 99 cents?

                                    –Rita Delude


About the Author

Rita Delude, an international bestselling author, writes contemporary romance, YA romance about much more than love, paranormal, and horror/suspense.
She has published Kaleidoscope, Baby Blues, and Adam’s Anguish, a three-part contemporary romance set in Escape, CO around Alice Glover and her quilting shop and family and friends who run it. She’s also published and Caught in the Middle, a two-part series about finding love on the internet and keeping the flame burning after almost a decade of marriage. Sister’s Revenge is her horror/suspense read with Sweet Revenge the sequel to release in 2020. Dracula’s Choice is a paranormal 18+ romance by Delude. Bubble Gum Love, Lemon Yellow, and Lollipop Lure are her YA romances. In addition, For the Love of Lily, a historical romance, will release in 2020.
She’s published short stories in numerous anthologies by multiple publishers. They are
“Confessional Crimes” in Absolution
“No Question” in Breakup or Makeup
“Little Girl” in Art Inspires Words Book I
“Left Out” in Art Inspires Words Book IV
“Arresting” in TTYS
“No Warrior Left Behind” in War Paint
“Purgatory” in Insane Insomnia
“Batman and Robin” in What’s Your Superpower?
“Bridges Burned” in Vague Book
“Bottom Feeder” in Catfish
“Darcie Ditches Dunbarton” in Beyond Oz
“Mad Milliner” in Beyond Wonderland
“The Locket” in Bending Time
“Happily Ever After” in Beyond the Mirror
“Of Kitty and Girl” in Twisted Classics
“At First Sight” in Craving: One Night
“Schooling Sara” in Getting Schooled
“Lily Lost” in Our Easter Nook
“Christmas Sunshine” in Our Christmas Nook
“Chance Meeting” in Accidental Attraction
She has been a magazine writer and a newspaper columnist for decades. Delude holds a MFA in Writing. She is retired from her position as a full professor at Nashua Community College, Nashua, New Hampshire where she taught writing.
She lives in New Hampshire, USA with her husband and their rescue dog, Daisy.

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