Neutral Ground

Neutral Ground

Everything Hangs in the Balance

Award-Winning Author Sian B. Claven

The balance between good and evil in the world is maintained, not by Angels and Demons, but by Balancers. Supernatural beings that can travel quickly, who strike deals with Demons to cause catastrophes to keep the balance flowing smoothly or the world would be swayed in the favour of good.

That’s what Miles is supposed to be doing, instead, he is trying to find out why another Balancer is missing after visiting a specific Neutral Ground, a place where Demons can visit to unwind without being attacked. The Switzerland of the Supernatural Realm if you will, only this ground is run by a beautiful Supernatural named Lizzie and Balancers aren’t supposed to feel anything, especially not for a fallen angel.


Q&A with author Sian B. Claven

In your own words, how would you describe your book?

I would describe my book as a paranormal rollercoaster mix of passion and an exciting adventure. Definitely expect the unexpected.

What are some hashtags you’d use to draw readers in?

#Adventure #ForbiddenLove #Angel #Demon #FallenAngel

What surprised you most when writing this book?

The fact that I’m able to write paranormal romance at all, this is out of my comfort zone.

Can you tease us with the first few lines of your book?

Miles appeared outside Forever More nightclub, simply appeared. One of the many perks of being a Balancer was having the power to appear and disappear as his strength allowed him to. Humans didn’t pay nearly enough attention to notice when Balancers suddenly appeared out of thin air, and they didn’t pay close attention to places like Forever More. In fact, magical wards placed around nightclubs, pubs, stripclubs and other ‘sin bins’ like Forever More made sure that humans steered clear of the supernatural gathering places, these Neutral Grounds where all supernatural beings could gather, regardless of alignment, to relax.

Neutral Grounds were blessed from so far high up that the magical wards prevented the use of magical powers once you crossed into them. Sure fist fights could break out here and there, but there was a strict no weapons policy, magic saw to that as well, so the guardians of the Neutral Grounds, the fallen angels charged with their upkeep, were the only ones armed and generally they were scary enough not to mess with.

What inspired this story?

A cover actually. I bought a cover from a designer and it inspired the story.

Can you tell us what your favorite part of the book is?

The ending, it’s such a cliffhanger 😊

And last but not least, what is one of your favorite passionate movies?

Definitely The Notebook!

About the Author

Born in South Africa, in the heart of Johannesburg, Sian Claven grew up with a vivid imagination. When she wasn’t immersing herself in books, she was actively creating her own stories.

At 29 years old, left to her own devices after her sister immigrated, Sian, wrote her first horror book Ensnared and dared to publish it under the guidance of indie authors Toni Cox and Ashleigh Giannaccaro.

Now she has released more than ten books including a thriller and sci-fi fantasy.

In 2019, Sian took up the challenge of publishing 11 books in 11 months.

Sian came second place in the First Annual Indie Awards for Favourite African Author.

Sian’s book, Sylvana, the final book in her Butcher series, made the Amazon top 100 best sellers list in several categories across three countries.

In her spare time, Sian is an avid Harry Potter fan, pop collector and Bingo addict. She resides in Johannesburg with her 2 best friends, their daughter, their 6 dogs and 2 cats. 


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