Chance Meeting

Paramedic Chance Manning spots a young girl in trouble at an amusement park. Little does he know she will lead to the meeting of his dreams.
Emily Pace, a school teacher with dreams of her own, is terrified at the sight of blood. Their chance meeting is just what she needs most.
Will it end at the Ferris wheel or be a roller coaster ride of pleasure? Find out as Chance and Emily accidently meet.

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Q&A with author Rita Delude

How would you describe this book to your family and friends?

Risk-taking paramedic meets conservative school teacher, who find common ground to heal each other.

I love their meet-cute at the amusement park. What are some of your favorite rides at an amusement park?

I’m terrified of roller coasters, so I love them for the thrill. I also love those drop rides like the Tower of Terror.

What do you like to eat at an amusement park?

Cotton candy and candy apples—the red, juicy ones. I have a huge sweet tooth.

In this book, Chance works as a paramedic but works PT as a sky-diving instructor. I won’t give anything away, but how were you able to describe sky-diving in such detail? Have you done it before?

Never. I do a lot of research for my books, and you can find anything online. Plus my daughter has gone hundreds of times, so I fact checked with her.

How did you research Chance’s work as a paramedic? It was all so realistic!

My son’s best friend was a paramedic, my daughter dated one for several years, and I’ve, unfortunately, ridden in an ambulance, so I used things I learned from talking to paramedics I’ve known and research too. When I meet people, I ask they about their work because jobs and how people feel about the jobs they do fascinate me.

What surprised you when writing this book?

The baby issue. I won’t give it away. In many of my books, believe it or not, the character becomes so real to me that they “tell” me how they’re going to react to a circumstance rather than how I’m going to make them react.

I love your use of country music in this, and how cute that the dog is named after Dolly Parton. I can see that Emily’s a little bit country. How would you describe Chance to your readers?

He’s a strong man, who will bend for love, but not break on the things that are core to his essential being.

And lastly, because I am a film nerd, which is your favorite Dolly Parton film?

Steel Magnolias

About the Author

Rita Delude, an international bestselling author, creates new worlds with words. Her favorite genre is contemporary romance, but she’s ventured into YA, science fiction, vampires, the circus, and horror in her writing.
Her contemporary romance novella is Kaleidoscope. The sequel to Kaleidoscope is Baby Blues, about the most important love of all—mother’s love. A third novella in this series releases is Adam’s Anguish, about the infant born in Baby Blues. A contemporary romance novel based on finding love on a dating site is Catch. net, and its sequel Caught in the Middle, focuses on the popular character of Wanda from book one in the Catch Series. Her YA romance is Bubble Gum Love, about much more than ice cream, bubble gum, and first love. Dracula’s Choice is her 18_ paranormal romance. Hoarder, Lemon Yellow, and Sister’s Revenge will release in 2020.
She’s published short stories in numerous anthologies by multiple publishers, including in these: Absolution Anthology, Breakup or Makeup Anthology, Kissing Midnight Anthology, Christmas Past Anthology, Art Inspires Words Anthology Book 1, Art Inspires Words Anthology Book 4, TTYS Anthology, War Paint Anthology. Carnival of Strange Things, Insane Insomnia Anthology, What’s Your Superpower? Anthology, Vague Book Anthology, Moonstruck Anthology, Craving One Night, Getting Schooled, Catfish Anthology, Beyond Oz Anthology, Beyond Wonderland Anthology, and Bending Time Anthology.
She has also published dozens of non-fiction magazine articles and wrote a twice-weekly column for a newspaper and hundreds of feature stories for seventeen years. Rita Delude holds a MFA in Writing. She is retired from her position as a full professor at Nashua Community College, Nashua, New Hampshire.
She lives in New Hampshire, USA with her husband and their rescue dog, Daisy. They have four married children and nine grandchildren.

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