Edmund Crueller is dying. He has a story to tell before he slips off this mortal coil. Baking has always been a part of the Crueller family history. Bread, buns and sweet tasty treats are all available in the family-owned shop, but it’s the donuts that have always had customers coming back for more.Edmund will pass down the family recipe to his son before he dies. But will the young man share in his father’s tastes?

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Q&A with author John Watson

In your own words, tell us a little bit about your book, Crueller.

Crueller is part of the Donut Shop Series and is probably a bit of an outlier in that group. The story begins in London, England during the Jack the Ripper years, where a curse is placed on the Crueller family by a vampiric creature named Ladislaus. It moves to modern-day, with the son of the titular character out to break the curse.

What inspired such a deliciously dark story?

When I was first offered a spot in this series, I didn’t think that I would be able to make donuts horrific in any way. I thought about passing, but as I thought about the different types of donuts, the Crueller seemed like something I could work with. Blood jelly came to me soon after, and the story quickly built from there.

Would you eat a Crueller doughnut?

The Crueller family are bakers, and the Crueller Crimson delight is their top-selling item. The secret ingredient is a little off-putting, but I’m sure I could be tempted to take a nibble.

What surprised you about this book as you were writing it?

The romance aspect of the Donut Shope Series was a little concerning for me, but I found that I was able to create some loving relationships within the story that came quite easily. Being in a very happy marriage probably helped.

What song would you partner with this book?

I actually named a chapter after one of my favorite songs from the 80’s. It’s “Love Like Blood” by Killing Joke.

Can you tell us about your local doughnut shop? What do you like to order?

We have an amazing donut shop nearby called Donut Worry. Their stuff is always fresh and they make all kinds of really cool toppings. I keep it pretty simple, though, as I usually order the strawberry coconut. So good!!

You experienced something emotional in a doughnut shop once. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

It’s a little more silly than overly emotional, but it’s also a funny story. I was a stay at home dad for 10 years, the best “job” I’ve ever had. I had dropped my daughter at school and was taking my son to his first day of pre-school. I dropped him off and hustled out of there quicky, as I was beginning to get a little choked up. I made the short drive to my local coffee shop to get myself a coffee and a donut to cheer myself up. When I arrived, I automatically opened up the sliding door on the minivan to get my son, only to see the empty car seat. By the time I was at the counter to order, I was in full weeping mode. On the bright side, my coffee and donut were on the house that day.

What can we expect next from John Watson?

There is a lot coming in 2020, which is equal parts exciting and scary, as it means a lot of work. A month after Crueller, I have a new novel called Off The Grid releasing. I’ll also have a pair of Creature Feature novella’s, a short story in the Beyond The Jungle Anthology, as well as two more novels before the end of the year. They are called The Hollow Eyed Girl and Slave to Blood. There is also a secret release coming that I am part of. Shhhhh!!

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I write horror, but I am a bit of a scaredy-cat. I have a laundry list of things that creep me out.

And finally, because I am a huge lover of movies, I have to ask a movie question. What scene from a movie totally and absolutely freaks you out?

I don’t very often get freaked out by horror movies now, as I’m probably a little desensitized after watching so many. I remember being stunned at the decapitation scene in 30 Days of Night, and legitimately creeped out by the scene in Signs at the kids birthday party. I usually find alien stuff unsettling, with The Fourth Kind the creepiest of the bunch.

About the Author

As well as robots, clowns, and living statues, John Watson has an extensive list of things that terrify him. He is of the belief that writing about these horrors will make him immune to their evils, but it is still a work in progress. Mr. Watson spends most of his time hiding out in the closet space beneath the stairs, where he is currently working on a series of scary short stories. He resides in Atlanta with his chef wife Penny and a pair of equally skittish fur babies.

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