Civil Warriors

“…I love you. God help me, but I do.” The air lay heavy between them. Her eyes were glossy with moisture, his intense with emotion. “Tell me, if you can, you do not feel the same.” He whispered so low it might have been silence, “And make me believe it.”

Civil Warriors

A story of Love and Possession

There were things the Sagamores could and could not do:

William defied all social norms.
Georgie could be trusted with any secret.
Georgia Anne did as she pleased.
And, John Richard would kill a man for hurting her.


William could not keep his feelings hidden.
Georgie could not let an innocent man die.
Georgia Anne could not be a slave.
And, despite going to hell, John Richard could not stop loving her.

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Q&A with author Tracy A. Ball

How would you describe this book to your friends and family?

It’s an interracial romance set in the 1860’s. It’s based on a local legend and an old diary. Without downplaying the severity of slavery,  you get a rich love story that is very  human and complicated.

What inspired you to write this book?

The legend, the diary and the fact that I have an interracial marriage. My husband and I often wonder ‘what if?’.

What have some of your readers/fan said about your book that surprised you?

I was concerned about how Civil Warriors would be received (it’s different) but the reviews have blown me away! I am humbled to tears by the reaction.

*One of the best books I have read.

*Good intelligent read!!!

*It kept me up past my bedtime 😊

The book is set in 1860’s. How did you prep for this book?

Sooooo much research, lol. I had to be sure every unconventional idea I put into the story was provable.

What can you tell us about some of your characters?

Georgia Anne is a woman of color with education, ability and no desire to be a servant. (You can imagine how that goes over in the 1860’s)

John Richard owns her, and loves her. But, he can’t reconcile the two. (He is a product of his environment and a prisoner to his heart.)

William would buck society to have her, but he would never hurt his brother.

Red Eagle is a Plains Indian who could alter Georgia Anne’s destiny.

Georgie is Georgia Anne’s twin. It’s up to him to save their lives…or not.

Are you planning on a sequel for this book? Why or why not?

People have asked but, John Richard and Georgia Anne’s story is done.  I do, however,  think about some of the side stories that happened and maybe there will be a next generation sequel. Idk.

What surprised you when you were writing it?

The number of practical examples for my seemingly far-fetched ideas.

And last but not least, because I am a huge fan of movies, what are some of your favorite films?

High fantasy and epic overcoming!

Lord of the Rings (you don’t want to know how many times I’ve watched this), Harry Potter, The Avengers, The Phantom of the Opera (Royal Albert Hall), Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightly)

About the Author

Novelist, Reviewer, Content Editor, Blogger, T-shirt Wearer, and Professional Snacker; Tracy A. Ball is a native Baltimorean and a veteran West Virginian whose family is blended from three cultures. She has opened her home to foster children, drug addicts, AIDS victims, and anyone who needed an assist. She knows people who have committed murder and people who have dined with the Pope.

Which is why she writes sweet stories about tough love, tough stories about sweet love, and takes long naps.

Her published works include:

Imogene’s Flowers

Black’s Magic

Truly, Madly, Kiss Me


Dragonfly Dreams

Civil Warriors

Death’s Desire

An Angel with Dirty Wings


KAYOS: The Bad & The Worse

The Tiger & The Snake

The Right Way to Be Wrong

Left on Marriottsville

The Train Ride

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One Summer in Santorini

After a humiliating break up, Sarah decides it’s time to fall back in love with her first true love—travel. She books the perfect trip to revive her humdrum heartbroken life—ten days sailing the Greek islands on a yacht.

The last thing she wants is to meet someone new, but Sarah soon finds herself flirting with the cute American, Josh, and considering something more serious with the sexy silver fox, James.

Will Sarah dive into a holiday fling, embark on a relationship, or stick to her plan – steer clear of men, continue her love affair with feta, and find her own way after all?

Ten days, two men, one boat, and one big decision.

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Q&A with author Sandy Barker

Now folks, this book is a favorite of mine! I laughed, I cried. After I was done with the book, I felt like I had just been on vacation! The way that Sandy Barker describes the food, and the locations-so great. You’ll absolutely love this romcom of a book!!!

It is my pleasure to include the author today. Welcome Sandy Barker!

In your own words, how would you describe your book?

One Summer in Santorini is a fun and flirty romantic comedy with a hefty theme – getting back to the once-happy you and living your biggest life. And although she’s really not interested in meeting anyone new, being fresh from an awful breakup, she meets two ‘someones’ – very different from each other, and each bringing out a different side of her.

What is the first food you would order/eat if you returned on this same trip Sarah takes?

Horiatiki – hands down. It’s Greek salad to non-Greeks and quite honestly, when I am in Greece, I will have one or two a day. It’s the tomatoes – they are the best in the world. There is a lot of other goodness in that salad, but it is almost impossible to recreate unless you have good tomatoes.

Tell us a little about Sarah’s background. Who was she before the vacation?

When we meet her, she is reasonably fresh from a breakup, and she’s ‘stuck’. She’d let herself love an unkind man, one who snuffed the joy from her life. She’s been coping by wallowing in self-pity, slaving at the gym, and spending far too much time alone. Booking the trip to Greece in a moment of bravery was the best thing she could have done. It terrifies her – she Is prone to anxiety and worry – but she needs the journey to get back to herself.

Who are some of the friends on the boat? What can you tell us about them?

As this book is inspired by my real-life love story – I met my partner on a pier in Santorini just as we were about to get on a sailing trip – the characters on the boat are also inspired by real people. Gary and Mari are a married couple who have a fantastic relationship – very loving. It’s important for Sarah to see that love like that exists, and Marie becomes like a big sister to Sarah, even giving her a dose of tough love.

The Skipper, Duncan, and his partner – long-distance love, Geraldine (Gerry) – show Sarah that relationships can be fun, flirtatious, and anchored in friendship. They are both funny characters, and I loved writing them. Hannah is Sarah’s cabin mate. She’s also trying to get over a heartbreak, but is more cynical than hopeful, and Sarah finds herself wanting to smooth out some of Hannah’s rough edges.

And then there is Josh, one of the love interests. He is younger than her, but they both feel that yearning for a bigger life, as he calls it. They start as fast friends – he is bright and makes her laugh – but she can’t deny the attraction either.

Can you share a picture with us on your trip to the Greek Islands? What is your memory of this photo?

This is me, Ben (my partner) and Sinead, a member of our floating family from our last trip to Greece. We are sailing into Athens at the end of the trip, so it was a bittersweet moment – we’d be saying goodbye soon. Patrick, the Skipper who inspired the character of Duncan, is in the background. Sinead became a dear friend and she has inspired a character in the sequel.

I’ve also included a photo of Sinead and I swimming off the boat when it was anchored in a tiny cove off Sifnos. We were the only boat there, and we called it Artemis Cove, because the night before had been a full moon and we’d had a barbecue on the beach by moonlight.

What are some of your upcoming releases?

I am about to hand over edits for the second book in my series about Sarah’s sister, Cat. She becomes a love fugitive when her flatmate declares his undying love for her, and she escapes to Europe on a bus tour. In Paris, she runs into someone from her past and …

You’ll have to read it when it comes out in March. 😉

It looks like the sequel to One Summer in Santorini will be out mid-year 2020 and I am also writing a Christmas book about three friends from the UK, the US, and Australia who swap Christmases. Look for that ahead of Christmas next year.

Because I am a movie lover, I have to ask all authors who chat with me, what is a movie you could just watch over and over?

Just one? How about two?

When Harry Met Sally – the most perfect romcom ever written.

Pitch Perfect – hilarious and I love the singing.

Thank you very much for having me – this was a blast. xx

About the Author

I’m a writer and traveller with a lengthy bucket list and cheeky sense of humour. When I travel, I love exploring new places, outdoor adventures, and eating and drinking like a local. I’m also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob.

As an author, I write the heart – what makes it sing, what breaks it, and how it mends – and many of my travel adventures have found homes in my novels. My first novel, a romantic comedy set in Greece and inspired by my real-life love story, was published in June 2019 by One More Chapter (HarperCollins).

I am editing my second book (the follow-up to One Summer in Santorini), and have just started writing my fifth. 2020 will see at least two new books out in the world!

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Let’s find some more books together!

Hi hi all. I just wanted to write a quick little post to let everyone know that I am going to be diving in and out of Crazy Ink authors, and I am going on the hunt to find some great authors out there who we can all check out. I want to introduce all types of books and genres, so there’ll be something for everyone!