Introduction: Who’s Eve Corso?

Hi all. Eve Corso here. I’m gonna do a quick little bio. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I moved to the East Coast for a bit in the middle, but I longed for my sunny California days, the beaches, and my family, so I came back and am home again for good. I grew up devouring any books I could get my hands on. If it was a book, then I was reading it, the genre didn’t matter. As a teen, I read everything from S.E. Hinton, to Danielle Steel. When I was twenty, I found work in a small bookstore and I can’t explain to you the joy and love I felt in the people and books that surrounded me. You know the movie High Fidelity? Yeah, we were like that, but for books. And boy, did my love grow. I continued to read every genre, but honestly, literary and classic are now my faves. James Bond, The Count of Monte Cristo, Dracula, Corelli’s Mandolin , Lord of the Rings, are some of my favorites. But I read all genres.

So, years ago, while still on the East Coast I wrote a short story, and it took a few more years to show that story to people and a few more years to have the confidence and determination to turn that short story into a full length book. That book is A Matter of Timing. I sat on it for some time, queried a bit, but it was shoved aside for my new idea, Esteban & Marialena. After a year of quering, I got lucky and found indie publisher Crazy Ink!

As much as books rule my world, I wouldn’t be who I am without film. Guys, I love love love movies. And I consider myself incredibly lucky to have snagged a composer in my love life, and we share our love of music and films together. My heart is full and happy. I just had to throw that in there. Movies, music and books (and coffee) are my passions.

Now, for my favorite part. I just signed a two year contract with Crazy Ink and have become one of their exclusive authors, and I’d like to take this time to introduce everyone to who we are and what we do. After that, I’ll open up the posts to outside authors and we’ll go from there. Thanks for being here and for checking us out.

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