Eve Corso

Growing up in los Angeles, California, it’s easy to see how movies and film have inspired International Bestselling Author Eve Corso. She will transport you to worlds where her love for music and film converge. She is the author of the Esteban & Marialena series, a Hollywood romance. A Matter of Timing Series, a sweet novella titled You & Me in Washington, D.C., The Fallen Starlet, French Press, Spellbound: a paranormal romance, and her latest release, Matchmakers: An Entwined Romance anthology.



A popular wedding magazine has recently featured Bradley & Tia Sullivan as their “couple-to-look-to” for marital bliss! They’ve been married for over 20 years and are ready to take on the task of matching those who have, sadly, been unlucky in love. But this happy couple has some secrets of their own that may just complicate their chances of making the best matches possible. Join Brad, Tia, and a group of zany singles as they mingle in hopes of finding true love. Can the seasoned couple play cupid or will their romance retreat guests leave heartbroken?


William is a vampire in search of anyone who can help him. He no longer wants any part of his vampire world and yearns to end it. There’s just one problem-he’s immortal. Death isn’t going to come easy. When he finds Marie, the witch he was looking for, he’s taken aback by her beauty and how down to earth she is. He was expecting someone much different. Together, they travel in search for answers but stir up trouble by drawing too much attention to themselves. Will Marie find the perfect spell to end his life? Is William able to fight his temptation for Marie? Or will it be too late for either of them?
Find out in this epic adventure where both witch and vampire together are… spellbound.

The Fallen Starlet

Vivianne is no stranger to the limelight. Hell, she’s rubbed elbows with the best of them back in Hollywood. But you don’t always get to have your cake and eat it, too. Vivianne had no choice but to return to a family home where she lives out the rest of her years in peace and quiet. But when a man appears at her doorstep, Vivianne realizes that Hollywood isn’t quite done with her.

French Press

Maribel loves working as a florist but has grown weary of her orders lately. Big elaborate weddings, crazy brides, funerals and “I’m sorry” bouquets pay her bills, but she has lost the hope for love in her line of work. Upon meeting Jean-Luc at a coffee shop, she is reminded of why she loved flowers in the first place. Jean-Luc is a ruthless divorce lawyer for the rich and famous. He is great at what he does, but realizes he’s missing that certain joie de vivre. Maribel reminds him to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. Neither of them believed in love, but over coffee, the robust aroma of love was brewing.

You & Me in Washington, D.C.

Dallas was new to D.C., with only a backpack and an acoustic guitar. Rose was a waitress at a bustling restaurant with her head in a cloud. When Dallas and Rose meet at an open mic, they find that, like two souls colliding, their voices mesh in perfect harmony. But when financial troubles threaten to bring Dallas back home, their newly found ambition comes to a screeching halt. Can their monumental love survive the hardships they face?

A Matter of Timing Book 1

What do you do when you meet the love of your life at the wrong time?

Elle hadn’t planned on seeing her ex, Adam and his new wife at the bar that night. What unfurls is a wave of memories and emotions. Adam, on the other hand, has never seen Elle look better, though there’s an unmistakable pain in her eyes.

Sometimes, when you find the right one, it’s just a matter of timing.

A Second Chance Book 2

Adam left Elle for his new life in San Diego, so why is he still so interested in news of her? What secret are David and Elle keeping? And what happens now that Adam is back in their lives again? Sometimes, in life and love, all you need is a second chance.

Esteban & Marialena Book 1

Meet Marialena Villanueva, a twenty-six-year-old Mexican-American, living in a city overflowing with strangers.

Marialena prefers the companionship of films with stories she can lose herself in; especially films by her favorite director, Esteban Gutierrez.

Esteban Gutierrez is nearing fifty. His confidence is at an all-time low due to a writer’s block he hasn’t been able to kick. It isn’t until he’s introduced to Marialena through a hysterical case of mistaken identity that he starts to find himself again.

Immediately, the two find solace in one another, but it isn’t as easy as it is in the movies. This isn’t just a love story between two people. It’s a love story of the lives we share with the ones we love.

Marialena lost both of her parents at twenty-one. Her closest relatives live across the country. Roxanne, her adventurous cousin, is always daring Marialena to live life to the fullest. And Esteban’s wild younger brother Henry can’t decide if Marialena is the sister he’s never had or the girlfriend he’s always wanted.

Take an unforgettable journey as these two families come together as one in this five-star adventure we call life.

Henry & Marialena Book 2

As Esteban and Marialena rekindle their love for one another and set a date for their wedding, Esteban’s work takes him to new heights. Henry, who now lives in Los Angeles, finds himself growing closer and closer to his future sister-in-law with the absence of his brother’s presence. It’s no longer of question of settling down with someone like her. Henry now realizes the truth; that he needs to make amends with letting her go. Meanwhile, Roxanne catches wind of their feelings towards one another and tries to play match-maker before just before Marialena gets married.
It’s a whirlwind of emotions and broken-hearts. Who will Marialena end up with? She loves Esteban and has the utmost respect for him, professionally and privately. But there’s just something about Henry and he doesn’t know if he’s the brother figure she’s needed, or the one she’s letting get away.
Find out in the continuation of the Esteban & Marialena saga!

Marialena & Joaquin Book 3

New emotions unfurl as unforeseen events get thrown at Esteban and Marialena and their relationship is faced with new hardships never before contemplated.

How will it all unravel? Who is Joaquin and why does he capture both Marialena and Henry’s hearts? Why does Joaquin make Christian Allen want the one thing he’s always missed?

Find out in the last installment of Esteban & Marialena…




“Eve Corso’s new book is a perfect example of why we read. When an author can make you feel emotionally attached to the characters, even to the point you begin talking out loud trying to talk them in and out of situations, they have written something magical. Esteban & Marialena is one of those books. There is so much I want to say about Corso’s work, but there are so many unexpected twists, I don’t want to give anything away. A wonderfully written Contemporary Romance. All I can say is, I can’t wait for the next one.”

– Michael C.

“More than anything, I just loved how this book made me FEEL. Happy and hopeful about love. I will miss these characters so my much. They have come to feel like my family and friends!”

– Gabriela Cook

“Love is hard. Relationships are hard. Finding your Happily Ever After is hard but Eve makes writing about the turmoils, twists, and turns of love easy. Fall in Love with love again. Don’t let your heart down. Read this book.”

– Bryan Genesse